A New Kind of Cleaning Sachet

Introducing the UK's first biological paper cleaning sachets to help businesses of all sizes create safe, clean, healthy spaces and reduce their environmental impact.
  • New generation Biotechnology and Ecotechnology targets dirt, grime, grease and odours for a superior cleaning performance.
  • Water-soluble paper sachets and recyclable packaging eliminates plastic waste.
  • Sustainable, renewable raw materials reduces CO2e by up to 80%.
  • Low-hazardous formulas protect staff from injury and ill-health.
  • Kinder ingredients protect our aquatic ecosystem and biodiversity.
  • Smart dosing reduces storage and costs to streamline operations.

What Makes our Technology Different?

We combine next generation Biotechnology and Ecotechnology ingredients that work in synergy tackle common workplace cleaning challenges:



  • Paper sachets dissolve without a trace
  • Biotech based formulas
  • Residual cleaning
  • Safer cleaning


  • No rinse formula reduces labour costs
  • Accurate dosing where 1 Sachet = 1 x
    750ml trigger 2 sachets = 5L mop bucket
  • Reduces transport and storage needs
    by>99% compared to RTU
  • Suitable for cleaning cloths and mop heads
  • Low cost in use
  • Sachets are 100% plastic free


  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • Minimal plastic
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Plant-derived cleaning agents and solvents

A Holistic Approach to Environmental Change

Our biological cleaning formulas replace traditional chemical-based cleaning agents with eco-conscious, bio-renewable, plant-based alternatives. By opting for sustainable raw materials we avoid reliance on the petrochemical industry, significantly reducing CO2e and pollution. Ingredients have a lower toxicity profile, protecting the biodiversity of our precious aquatic ecosystems.

Our water-soluble sachets combined with recyclable packaging and PCR trigger bottles helps prevent waste from arising, meaning less disposal and most importantly, less waste at landfill sites.


Streamlining Operations

Our high-quality formulas are designed to streamline operations and save you valuable time. With just one case of our biological cleaning sachets, you can create up to 200 trigger bottles, dramatically reducing the need for storage space. This not only simplifies transportation of cleaning products across multiple sites but also makes your operations more efficient.

We are proud to have been working with Biological preparations for over 5 years and to have the BioHygiene range at the core of our cleaning operation. We have developed a great partnership thanks to a strong customer focused team who provide nationwide training, guidance and support. The portal which provides us with a suite of tools, product information and tutorial videos has greatly benefited our managers in training our cleaning operatives. The Biohygiene Cleaner, Leaner, Greener concept supports Kingdom’s environmental strategy in providing a high standard of cleanliness without harming the environment. 

Kingdom Cleaning
Project Director

Why Choose BioHygiene?


Supports Net Zero and waste reduction targets


Mitigates potential hazards and aligns with Health & Safety objectives


Quality assurance reinforced by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Management Systems


Superior product performance backed by over 30 years of research and development


Responsible manufacturer with strong environmental and social principles


Dedicated account management team with sector-specialisms


UK-based customer service support team


Digital training and resource hub accessible on any device


Cost and sustainability analysis and reporting


Enhances brand reputation and customer satisfaction with a commitment to sustainability

Reliable UK supply chain

Discover the BioHygiene Paper Sachet Range


Cleaner and Degreaser

A powerful cleaner and degreaser formulated with specialist bacteria that produce a quadruple hit of enzymes that effortlessly breaks down starch and cellulose and eliminates grease, fat, and oil from a wide range of surfaces. 


Complete Washroom Cleaner

A non-hazardous washroom cleaner formulated with specialist uricase and protease enzymes that effortlessly eliminates organic scale and body fats, while specifically targeting and neutralising washroom odours at their core.


All Surfaces and Floor Cleaner

A powerful microbial and enzymatic cleaner designed to tackle all your everyday cleaning tasks effortlessly. The fast-acting formula is perfect for every surface in your workplace, from windows and mirrors to grimy surfaces and bins.

Unlock the potential of environmental biotechnology today

Get in touch with us to explore how BioHygiene Cleaning Sachets can cater to your specific needs and revolutionise your business.