Reduce cost, odour and blockages with BioGent Water Management System


Reduce costs with BioGent water management system

Uncontrolled urinals can flush every 3 minutes, resulting in up to 2000 cubic metres of water used per year, costing up to £10k. As well as being costly, this is in breach of ‘The Water Regulations 1999’ which specify a maximum water usage of 7.5 litres per urinal bowl or 700mm of slab per hour.

Flush controllers and waterless urinals can reduce water usage by up to 90%. The resulting build up of uric scale and conversion of urea to ammonia, however, can cause significant odour problems and blockages. 


What causes odours in washrooms?

Urine consists of a combination of 5% urea, uric acid and salts. These crystalise to form uric scale if:

  • There is an energy transfer (heating or cooling)
  • The pH level is above neutral

Uric scale is extremely hard to remove and can combine with limescale to form an ideal breeding ground for urease-producing bacteria. These bacteria convert the urea into ammonia, further elevating the pH, increasing scale build-up and creating foul smelling odours.

Urine is a perfect food source for these undesirable bacteria, creating a cycle that increases maintenance costs and customer/staff complaints.

How does BioGent work?

BioGent provides water savings while ensuring washrooms remain odour and blockage free. It works to remove undesirable bacteria and reduce the formation of uric/limescale:

  • Stops minerals in the water combining to produce scale
  • Naturally lowers the water to pH 4 to reduce scale
  • Sanitises the bowl and pipework to remove undesirable bacteria
  • The system is controlled by a digital timer allowing a flush interval of up to 45 minutes, with a hygiene flush facility for out-of-hours.
  • The product is dosed into the header tank with each flush, ensuring all water is treated at the correct rate.
  • Part of the success of the system is a quarterly service interval by a trained engineer

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