Improve your environment without compromise

Creating cleaner, leaner, greener businesses with UK's leading biotech cleaning brand

Helping companies reduce their Scope 3 emissions on their journey to Net Zero

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Supporting the local economy and reducing CO2e with UK manufacturing

Preserving natural resources and protecting biodiversity


“Gone are the days where being sustainable means higher costs and poor performance.”

Replacing harmful, non-renewable chemicals with Environmental Biotechnology

We are Biological Preparations, an industry leader in environmental biotechnology. We replace harmful, non-renewable chemical technology with environmentally, socially, and commercially beneficial solutions that meet the needs and demands of the modern world.

Creating a bright, sustainable future with minimal impact from human activity is our top priority.

30 Years of Science and Innovation

Our Environmental Biotechnology has proven itself in the most challenging workplace environments.


"Our 415 stores are over the moon with the introduction of BioHygiene and their service. We've seen marked improvements on the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitising."

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses Around the World

Our network is built on respect, loyalty, and shared values. We create meaningful relationships and make a tangible difference in the performance of our partners and customers.

Sectors we Make a Difference in

FM & Retail

We help businesses deliver the best in-house experience for their clients and customers whilst reducing costs and environmental impact.

Government & Education

We support our diverse communities by protecting public property and improving the quality of life within our schools, libraries, leisure centres and offices.


We work with healthcare establishments to create a safe and healthy environment for patients, residents, visitors and staff.


We help businesses in the food service industry maintain a safe, efficient and compliant establishment to ensure the best customer experience and enhance brand reputation.


We enhance and protect the human food chain, increasing feed value, reducing waste, cost and sustainability.


From removing pollutants within Wastewater treatment and odour from landfill sites to eliminating algae from ponds and reservoirs - we help prevent pollution, protect resources and ensure a higher-quality environment for people and the planet to thrive.

Our Credentials

We deliver long term value by putting people and the planet at the forefront of our innovations.