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The biological solution to the problem of gel build up in commercial fridge condensate drain lines.

FridgeFree is a powerful concentrate specially formulated to deal with exopolysaccharide-type slimes in fridge condensate drain lines and pans. The product contains lactic acid and plant-derived surfactants to disrupt the formation of slime leading to free-flowing condensate runs.

  • Ensures free running drains by preventing fridge slime blockages.
  • Prevents fridge-associated floods, minimising trip hazards and lost stock.
  • Saves money on expensive reactive drainage call-outs.
  • Protects revenue.
  • Battery operated - does not require expensive mains power.
  • “Fit and forget” – each unit proactively managed by our team of engineers.

How does it work?

Condensate drains serving commercial fridge lines frequently block with a gel-like substance.

This gel is a biofilm - a microbial mass bound together by an exopolysaccharide matrix secreted by undesirable bacteria. This biofilm can build up very quickly resulting in flooding, health & safety issues and forced section closures.

FridgeFree acts by disrupting the natural formation of this unwanted microbial biofilm, thereby allowing free-flowing drains.


We utilise best in market units for the fast, safe and easy dispensing of our products.

Fitting and maintenance 

Dosing units can be discreetly installed on top of the fridge lines. FridgeFree is dosed into the lines as close to the 'drop' as possible.

If needed, a double-headed pump can be used to provide effective treatment at two points on the same chiller bank.

Our UK-wide team of service engineers will proactively install and maintain the equipment.

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