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The future of our world is sitting in classrooms and lecture halls across the UK. From primary schools where children learn and grow to University campuses where young adults shape their careers. Whatever age you nurture, we understand your goal is to create an environment that encourages learning, curiosity and creativity.

However, as budgets continue to be tightened and resources cut, we recognise that creating a sustainable, well-maintained learning establishment seems increasingly harder to achieve.

Encouraging and promoting sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our cost-effective environmental solutions enable positive learner experiences to help improve academic performance and student satisfaction whilst reducing the deterioration of property and supporting your sustainability objectives.

Featured Products and Services

Create safe, clean environments with our leading brand of Biotech cleaning products.

Ensure compliance and improve operational efficiency with the safe removal of Fats, Oils and Grease.

Maintain fresh, clean, odour-free washrooms and reduce water costs.
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Enabling Learning Excellence

As one of the leading environmental biotechnology companies in the UK with decades of expertise, we can provide a range of solutions to help ensure safe, comfortable, productive learning establishments:

  • Improve and maintain cleanliness to help protect the health of pupils and teachers.
  • Maintain washrooms that are free from odours, blockages and limescale to provide a positive experience and compliance with water regulations.
  • Prevent the build-up of odours to ensure fresh, clean airways throughout your learning establishment.
  • Ensure compliance and operational efficiency by removing the build-up of fats, oils and grease in pipework.
  • Enhance, maintain and protect the grass, plants and biodiversity within your learning establishment grounds.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by protecting and extending the life of site property.
  • Reduce labour time and pressure on resources by improving operational performance.
  • Reduce expenditure through high-performing technology. 
  • Reduce Scope 3 carbon emissions and plastic waste, enhancing your sustainability profile and helping protect the local and global landscape. 
  • Safeguard staff, pupils and visitors with low hazard solutions that reduce the risk of injury and ill health.

"The help and support that the team has given our contract is fantastic. Someone is always on the end of the phone or computer to help us if we need. I have never had this level of support from a supplier before."

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Understanding your Business

Good hygiene practices and standards are core to creating a positive school culture and ethos.

Our Account Management team has a wealth of experience supporting educational establishments to create safe, comfortable, sustainable and productive spaces.

They will work directly with your Leadership team to understand your specific needs and recommend the best solution to fit your business.

We understand that each site has a unique set of challenges that determine the level of support, stock and set-up. So, we tailor and adapt our approach to ensure each site can move forward and successfully meet top-level objectives, driving efficiencies and cost reductions from day one.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

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Expert Account Management

Your dedicated Account Manager will act as an independent resource, providing competent advice and support to enable you and your customers to achieve their objectives practically, including scheduled site visits and surveys, auditing and gap analysis, compliance reviews and environmental and cost-saving analysis.


Strong Partnerships

We believe working together makes us stronger. That is why we partner with some of the finest and largest distribution companies across the UK to ensure we can provide the best service to our customers and deliver the latest, most innovative products in the market today.

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Field Support and Training

We provide comprehensive training and support, including on-site training, video demonstrations, product user guides and wall charts to ensure staff are confident in using and handling our products. Our UK-wide network of certified Engineers is on-hand to provide regular maintenance and servicing of equipment to ensure its longevity and prevent damage.

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