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Next generation, specialist Biotech and Ecotech works in synergy to tackle tough cleaning challenges and provide long-lasting odour control with market-leading dilution rates.

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Our microbes, specifically the bacteria, in products, are present in the spore form. When the products are used and the bacteria are introduced to suitable conditions, the spores germinate and the bacteria begin to grow, colonising the area of application.

Bacteria grow by simple cell division, i.e. one cell divides into two, two cells into four and so on. This can happen extremely quickly, for example every 20 minutes under ideal conditions, so the bacterial population can be established rapidly. Like many types of bacteria they also prefer to grow as biofilms on suitable surfaces. Hence they can penetrate deep into cracks, crevices, carpet piles etc. where traditional cleaning simply cannot reach. The bacterial population breaks down organic matter by the production and secretion of enzymes. Enzymes are not alive but are proteins that speed up biological reactions. Examples include: 

  • Amylase – breaks down starch 
  • Cellulase – degrades cellulose (e.g. vegetable matter) 
  • Lipase – breaks down fats, oils and greases 
  • Protease – digests proteinaceous matter 
  • Uricase – breaks down uric acid 

The bacteria produce these enzymes in order to break down complex molecules into simpler, smaller molecules that they can take up into their cells and use for energy and growth – crudely, this is how they “feed”. Hence they remove organic soiling and prevent unpleasant odours, providing the long-term cleaning effect that we see with our products. 

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Free Enzymes 

Enzymes may also be added directly to our formulations, where they are referred to as “free enzymes”. They work in exactly the same way as the bacterial enzymes above, breaking down organic matter and eliminating odours, providing immediate but fairly short-term action. Therefore they tend to be used where an immediate effect is required. They may be used in conjunction with bacteria in order to provide an initial “kick-start” of activity until the microbial population is established and the bacteria start to do their work. 


Enhancing with Ecotechnology

All our products have Ecotechnology at their core. We replace traditional chemical-based cleaning agents with low aquatic toxicity, sustainable, bio-renewable, plant-based alternatives. Biorenewable options avoid reliance on the petrochemical industry, providing significant CO2e savings and reducing pollution.

Benefits of our Biotechnology


Cleaning Performance

We combat tough cleaning challenges with long-lasting residual action, reducing labour time, cost and risks.


Odour Control

We remove odours at the source and keep them at bay for longer to ensure fresh, clean air.



We protect people from life-changing ill-health whilst reducing environmental impact.



We are able to improve biological reactions to enhance their performance in areas such as landscaping, wastewater treatment and agriculture



We are able to remove pollutants from wastewater, soil and completely breakdown solids and liquids such as grease and waste organics. 

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