R&D Capabilities

"The products we deliver are innovative, high quality and at the forefront of technological breakthroughs. Our ethos is to use simple ingredients that perform well.  Safeguarding human health and protecting the planet very much aligns with my own values and drive me to deliver the best solutions possible."

Dr Carolyn Jones, Director of Chemistry & Innovation

Legacy Meets Innovation

The world needs to become more sustainable, and that means finding new ways to do business.

Our team of specialist microbiologists and chemists bring together unmatched expertise and innovation to create products that meet the demands of the modern world.

Our solutions are backed by data-driven insights and over 30+ years of research and development in the field.

Our Approach to New Product Development

Global demand for renewable and sustainable raw materials has led to growing research to enhance the performance of naturally-derived, plant-based materials and improve production methods.

We use a specific product development process when developing new solutions to meet the needs and demands of the modern market. We work closely with suppliers to keep abreast of new developments and stay at the forefront of innovations and raw material choices. Our product development specialists ensure the highest possible standards.

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State of the Art Research Facilities

Our modern R&D facilities combine more than 1500 sq ft of laboratory space, including a Class 2 microbiology laboratory, located at our Caerphilly site.

Our high-tech laboratories contain all the equipment required to carry out a wide range of microbiological techniques and all aspects of research and development, testing and trialling, including centrifuges, spectrophotometers, sterile cabinets, incubators, anaerobic chambers and a suite of benchtop fermenters.


100+ Microbial Strain Bank

Not all bacteria are the same. The key to biotechnology is finding the right species and strain of bacteria for the job in hand. We have isolated over 100 different strains which we call upon to create specialist products with the highest performance standards.

“We have a diverse and highly skilled product development team specialising in biochemistry and microbiology. I am extremely proud of the products they have created over the years and the in-house testing capabilities developed in our new laboratories.”

Dr John Lear
Director of Microbiology & R&D

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