Next generation, specialist biotech and ecotech works in synergy to tackle tough cleaning challenges and provide long-lasting odour control with market-leading dilution rates.

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The power of bacteria

Bacteria are single celled, living organisms that have developed over billions of years. The ultimate survivors, they were the first life forms to appear on Earth. When scientists talk about life on other planets, they mean Bacteria!

Bacteria can be found everywhere – from the air we breathe to the ground we walk on and even the food we eat. They are Nature’s own cleaners and degraders. Without them, waste wouldn’t decay, we couldn’t digest food, plants couldn’t grow, and there would be a lot less oxygen to breath. 

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How Biotechnology Achieves Cleaning Performance

Superior Cleaning Performance

Residual Cleaning Action

Ordour Removal

High Effective Kill

How Biotechnology Achieves Cleaning Performance

Biotech cleaning products harness the natural power of Bacteria to deep clean, deodorise and degrease.
To work commercially, the bacteria must be:

  • Safe
  • Adaptable and resilient
  • Effective


To be safe for human and commercial use, Bacteria must be:

Adaptability & Resillience

The Bacteria within biotech products are present in spore form which have a number of advantages:

  • Spore formation allows survival in extreme environments (temperature, pH, oxygen level etc.) for years, making them suitable for all types of cleaning environments.
  • The spore coat is highly resistant to physical and chemical challenges.
    Spores are highly stable in liquid and solid formulations so can be used within various types of products including concentrate, gel and powder.
  • Spores germinate and flourish in the right conditions, i.e. when warmth, nutrients and water are present. The bacteria revert to the spore form when conditions deteriorate, germinating when conditions become favourable once more. This provides valuable residual protection.
  • The bacteria form biofilms, providing a continuous and renewable source of enzymes for the removal of organic matter. Continued use of a product leads means a thriving biofilm is maintained, allowing the bacteria to spread and reach areas that traditional cleaning technology can’t.


All bacteria are not the same. Bacteria produce enzymes that break down specific waste into smaller compounds so they can be absorbed by the cells to allow them to grow and flourish. If the wrong enzymes or less effective enzymes are produced, they will have no or little impact on the waste. Species and strain is vital to how products behave and what they can do.

At BioHygiene, we’ve analysed hundreds of strains to identify those that produce the most effective enzymes for the degradation of fats, starch, cellulose and protein:

Raw material selection often has a trade-off between flammability, health hazards, ecotoxicity, sustainability, efficacy, and cost. 

Enhancing with Ecotechnology

Chemicals used in traditional cleaning products are frequently derived from non-renewable resources, such as petrochemicals, and are harmful to human health and the wider environment. High levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), storage, and transport can also be issues for traditional removers.

Organic Acids

Organic acids, such as lactic acid and citric acid, are produced by fermentation and can therefore be regarded as completely natural products. They are less hazardous than traditional mineral acid alternatives like hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid, and have far more favourable environmental profiles. Organic acids have excellent cleaning and descaling properties and some are useful disinfectants.

Plant Extracts

Plant extracts absorb or bind to odiferous molecules, removing unpleasant odours. Others have disinfecting properties, where regulations allow.



Ingredient Selection

When looking for a cleaning product supplier, it’s important to look for biodegradable, sustainable, bio accumulable ingredients that achieve high performance with minimal human or environmental impact.
Ecotec and Biotech ingredients all have favourable ecotoxicity profiles and low health hazards. They are first class degreasers and have excellent solvency and soil-penetrating properties, providing a multifunctional cleaning boost and enhancing performance safely and responsibly. They are readily and rapidly biodegradable, carbon-neutral and contain no environmentally hazardous ingredients. An absence of volatile organic compounds means there are no flammability concerns. 

Some Biotechnology, such as BioHygiene, also use powerful chelating agents to bind hard-water metal ions that interfere with the cleaning process. They are made from natural, biodegradable, renewable raw materials, providing a greener alternative to traditional chelates such as EDTA and NTA.

Superior Cleaning Performance

BioHygiene combines biotech and ecotech ingredients that work in synergy to deep clean, remove odours and provide long-lasting cleaning protection.

Deeper Cleaning Action 

Our proprietary bacteria outcompete and replace odour ‘bad’ bacteria

  • Can clean any level of dirt or stain
  • Cleans the areas traditional technology can’t reach (soft fabrics, grout, cracks etc.)
  • Degrades organic residues left behind after cleaning
  • Cleans without damaging assets or dulling surfaces

Residual Cleaning Action

Proprietary bacteria out compete ‘wild’ bacteria creating biofilms creating a safer and healthier environment.
The biofilm works against odours, making subsequent cleaning less labour intensive.


Odour Removal

Odour trapping biotechnology binds with odour molecules, encapsulating them and preventing smell
Odour neutralisation biotechnology absorbs odour molecules preventing the smell from forming
Odour degradation biotechnology degrades the odour molecules themselves removing the smell


High Effective Kill


Effective kill in 15 seconds

  • The first renewable and sustainable, environmentally safe Hand Sanitiser
  • The first renewable and sustainable, environmentally safe Surface Sanitiser
  • High Effective Viral and Bacteria kill rate (up to 6 log)
  • Fast kill times (up to 15 seconds)