Multi-use product rationalises product ranges and reduces storage requirements, whilst  low-hazardous materials reduce risk to users. 


Broad spectrum products that offer easier, safer, quicker cleaning

Our technology is able to be highly concentrated across a range of platforms, providing powerful products with a wide range of use allowing companies to rationalise significant amounts of their range. 

The super concentrates and high dilution rates help with storage, transport and offer improved cost in use while the biotechnology works to provide residual cleaning to help reduce the time taken for future cleaning and improve the health of the area.


Financial Cost

  • Super concentrates provide lower cost in use
  • Powerful Ecotechnology makes first time clean easier
  • Residual cleaning action ensures easier, quicker cleaning


  • Broad spectrum core products offer wide application
  • 4 core cleaning products designed to tackle 80% of cleaning requirements
  • Range of ‘problem solvers’ to ensure all operational needs are covered
  • Reduced storage requirements

Ease of use

  • Minimal hazard classifications even for super concentrates
  • Range of dosing platforms
  • Fewer products lead to easier training and less confusion
  • Digital training and information portal and app

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