Urinal & Toilet Cleaner

A powerful biotech-based toilet and urinal cleaner offering complete coverage and superior cleaning. The fast-acting, no-rinse formula contains no harsh chemicals, leaving behind a sparkling surface and fresh fragrance.

Available pack sizes

  • BH042: 6 x 1L
  • BH226:  6 x 1L Refill Bottles
  • BH224:  10 Sachets
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Why choose BioHygiene Urinal & Toilet Cleaner?



  • Microbial and enzymatic technology quickly targets body fats, scale and odours for a long-lasting clean.
  • Triple action: cleans/deodorises/reduces scale build-up
  • Product-specific microbes establish effective self-renewing biofilms deep inside inaccessible plumbing lines
  • The product microbes break down organic matter, including ammonia, volatile fatty acids, proteins and uric acid, long after product application
  • Cleans pipes and drain lines


  • Residual protection helps prevent build-up and reduces cleaning time.
  • Long-lasting foam in the toilet bowl


  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Sustainable ingredients
  • Reduces CO2e by up to 85%
  • Reusable PCR packaging helps reduce single-use plastic waste.
How to use BioHygiene Urinal & Toilet Cleaner

Apply liberally around the urinal or toilet and clean in the normal manner. No need to rinse.

How to Store Urinal & Toilet Cleaner

Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Only for professional users/specialists. Store in original closed containers away from extremes of temperature.