Passive Grease Traps

Keep it simple.

Combine superior performance with minimal maintenance to ensure your kitchen drains remain fat and food waste free.

Use with GreaseBeta BioDosing to reduce maintenance costs.

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  • Reduces sewer blockages which lead to flooding


  • Complies with BS EN 1825-1:2004 UK Building Regs
  • Designed in accordance with BS EN 1825-2:2002
  • Internal and External Grease traps


  • Rust-free stainless steel
  • Odour-tight neoprene lid seal
  • Can be used with biological dosing to reduce regularity of emptying


Is a GreaseBeta Grease Trap right for my business?

GreaseBeta Grease Traps are designed for all catering outlets without dishwashers or sinks with spray rinse hoses.

How do GreaseBeta Grease Traps work?

They key to the success of GreaseBeta trap is to have it correctly sized for the flow rate and FOG levels it will receive. Our traps come in a range of sizes capable of dealing with all types of waste flow and can be easily installed. 

Regular maintenance is required as the fat has to be correctly disposed of, the frequency of which depends on the amount of food and FOG being produced on site. The use of GreaseBeta dosing upstream can help to mitigate this cost by extending collection intervals.

Do GreaseBeta Grease Traps require maintenance?

Regular maintenance is essential for FOG management systems to remain effective. Our advanced scheduling system and regional stock depots allow us to deliver all over the country and ensure that our customers are compliant and protected from blockages.

Our servicing and maintenance plan includes:

  • Deep clean to remove any excess grease and improve performance
  • Replenish dosing fluid, replace tubing and check the batteries to ensure the pump is dosing correctly

We support our customers with reactive maintenance call-outs for any emergencies to help keep your commercial kitchen operating whenever you need it most.