Foods Solid Strainer

Prevent solid food waste from entering your drainage systems by capturing it at source with our simple and effective strainer.

Food debris is the leading cause of blocked drains in commercial kitchens. Fat deposits quickly collect around food waste, increasing the likelihood of blockages, floods, foul odours and vermin infestations.

Removal of food waste at source is an often neglected aspect of grease management, yet with the simple installation of a Food Solids Strainer a commercial kitchen can prevent up to 98% of their food waste entering the drains.

Use alongside GreaseBeta BioDosing system to resolve any remaining grease related issues.

Size: FSS1 (10 litres) and FSS2 (15 litres)

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Why choose GreaseBeta Food Solid Strainer?



  • Can prevent 98% of food waste entering the drainage network from pot wash areas.
  • Allows more food waste to be collected for composting or digestion for energy generation.
  • Reduces foul odours in working kitchens.




  • Reduces reactive maintenance costs as the requirement to clear blocked drains is reduced.
  • Reduces both reactive and planned maintenance costs related to pump stations.
  • Directly plumbed into kitchen drainage so cannot be bypassed by operator.


  • Made from 1.5mm stainless steel for long-term durability.
  • Situated beneath the rinse sinks/pot wash/spray wash sinks.
  • Simple design; food waste is collected in a drawer, which can be quickly emptied and cleaned.
  • Capable of removing 1000kg p.a. of food waste from a single pot wash sink.


Is GreaseBeta Foods Solid Strainer right for my business?

GreaseBeta Foods Solid Strainer is suitable for all catering outlets where solid food waste can potentially cause blockages in drainage pipe work.

Does GreaseBeta Foods Solid Strainer require maintenance?
A daily empty and clean of the strainer drawer is generally all that is needed. Busier sites may need more frequent emptying.
How does GreaseBeta Foods Solid Strainer work?

GreaseBeta Foods Solid Strainer physically strains solid food waste and debris out from wastewater.