Automatic Grease Recovery Unit (GRU)

The GreaseBeta GRU design keeps it simple, combining
superior performance with minimal maintenance ensuring
your kitchen drains remain fat and food waste free.

The GRU is robust, constructed entirely of stainless steel and comes with a 10 year warranty (excluding heater). The grease recovery process is so efficient that the FOG is of high enough quality to be recycled.

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  • Recovered oil can be recycled.


  • No silt valve is needed - these are often incorrectly operated and stick or are snapped which exposes the heating element to air causing the unit to smoke and allows discharging of FOG directly to the drain.
  • No ball valve is needed - these can stick, preventing FOG entering the collection container resulting in discharge to the drain.
  • Simple 3 step maintenance programme -  empty oil using tap. Empty food basket as required, clean lid and check central area.
  • 10 year conditional warranty


  • Low running costs.
  • No mechanical moving parts or complex electrics virtually eliminates reactive call outs.
  • Simple electrics only require a single IP505 rated 240v socket.
  • Simple lever base ‘tap’ drain off system has resulted in less reliance on user maintenance.
  • Large food basket reduces the risk of overflow, odours and removal issues.
  • A optional bio block degrades the food silt left in the bottom of the GRU, reducing odours and facilitating the cleaning process.
  • Symmetrical design allows left or right handed install with the same unit.



Is the GreaseBeta AutoGRU right for my business?

GreaseBeta GRUs are suitable for all mid-sized and above catering outlets with a dishwasher and/or a spray rinse hose.

How does the GreaseBeta AutoGRU work?

As wastewater enters the GRU, food solids are removed by way of an internal mesh food-straining basket. The fat, oil and grease (FOG) - contaminated wastewater then flows into a central chamber where the GRU design creates a natural upward pressure.

This coupled with the residence time speeds up the separation process and allows the waste FOG to flow through a unique valve that will only allow FOG to pass and then out into an external collection container for recycling.

While this process is occurring, clean water is allowed to continuously flow through the unit and out to drain achieving a c.95% removal efficiency compared to standard conventional traps at c.60%.

Does the GreaseBeta AutoGRU require maintenance?

As there are no moving parts to malfunction or become ‘clogged’, GreaseBeta GRU is completely reliable and requires only minimal daily maintenance. The daily regime includes the following:

  • The food collection basket should be emptied and cleaned thoroughly.
  • The oil collection vessel should be emptied.
    The grease recovery valve should be cleaned.
  • The silt valve should be operated on a weekly basis.
  • The entire maintenance regime should not take more than a couple of minutes per day.
How is the GreaseBeta AutoGRU installed?
  • Inlet – 40mm pipe from the relevant source drain.
  • Outlet – 50mm pipe into the relevant receiving drain.
  • Silt valve - 40mm pipe, is plumbed directly into the drain.
  • Power requirements– a single IP56 rated 240v socket or fused spur.
  • Systems are available as ‘left’ or ‘right’ handed depending on the direction of flow.
  • No mains water connection (hot or cold) is required.
What is the difference between a Grease Trap and a Grease Recovery Unit (GRU)?
A GRU removes FOG (fat, oil and grease) mechanically whereas a trap does so passively, meaning that FOG recovery rates with a GRU are typically higher.
What do I do with the oil that my AutoGRU collects?

The oil can go into your waste cooking oil drums for collection, recycling and conversion into bio-diesel.

GreaseBeta system has not only saved a London club thousands of pounds in plumbers' fees but also improved its odour. Close to Charing Cross station, Adam Street is a private members’ club, with the main entrance at street level, and the very small kitchen in the basement.

The owner, James Minter says:

"The building has been in existence for a very long time and, like many others dating from a similar era, suffers from the fact that the Victorian drains were built for Victorian conditions, and not the demands of the 21st century kitchen."

They are narrow and have a very shallow fall on them, with the result that they ‘back up’ extremely easily, causing problems at the club in two major areas. Firstly, the drains tend to back up in the ladies toilets - and secondly at sub basement level where the drain from the club meets the mains drainage. As soon as a problem occurred the club had to call in the services of a plumber to clear the blockage at a cost of (depending on the time of day) £300 or £400 a go.

"Bearing in mind the problem occurred every six weeks or so, you get an idea not only of the inconvenience but also the cost - around £2500-£3000 per year,"

At the heart of the GreaseBeta system is Amnite L100, a liquid, biological product that rapidly degrades fat, oil and grease (FOG), converting them into environmentally harmless compounds. Unlike chemical alternatives, Amnite L100 does not merely 'move' the problem elsewhere: it eliminates it altogether. It is made from non-toxic ingredients, making it safe to use in a catering environment.

The GreaseBeta liquid fat digester is dispensed via a wall mounted unit; automatic daily dosing eliminates human error and ensures the optimum level of lipase producing bacteria are maintained in the drain line. The system avoids frequent emptying of fat traps, disruptions to the kitchen from blocked drains, lost business due to offensive smells, emergency rodding, and damage from flooding resulting from blockages. Benefits include free running drains, controlled costs, and the satisfaction of using an environmentally friendly solution to a pollution problem.

Minter concludes, "The beauty of the system is that CBIO just come along every quarter, check the system, replenish the supply of liquid and go away again. We don't have to monitor the product or contact them; they just turn up and take care of it. “We spend less than £50 per month on the GreaseBeta system, saving us around £2000 per year - and we no longer incur the wrath of our neighbours!"

James Minter
Owner of Adam Street private members’ club