Keeping it simple.

Combined Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) intercept and treatment system designed to retain and break down FOG to prevent them from entering the drainage system.

The system utilises GreasePak’s proven biological treatment solution in conjunction with a new FOG, Intercept and Treatment (F.I.T) unit. Optimally designed to maximise the retention & management of FOG onsite.

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Why Choose GreaseBeta BioCeptor?



  • Bio-fluid refills are easy to store, handle & change. Eco-friendly, uses no harsh chemicals.
  • The floor, wall and local area can be completely and hygienically cleaned, reducing risk and maximising safety.
  • All materials are recyclable.


  • The GreasePak dosing module is approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).
  • The F.I.T unit is certified to ASME A112.14.3 and PDI G-101.
  • Helps satisfy legislation and building regulations by providing an effective means of grease removal.
  • Makes it even easier for food service outlets to meet best practise advice.
  • Easy to remove, mechanical lid fittings for engineers to access tank – no special tool needed.
  • Made from high strength injection moulded high-density polyethylene.
  • Quick disconnect cleaning kit –designed for easy cleaning and with hygiene in mind.


  • Utilises the traditional principles of entrapment and retention alongside the natural process of bioremediation.
  • The combined technologies create a highly effective environment, perfect for permanent degradation of FOG.
  • Held within the F.I.T unit bacteria forms into biofilms and breaks down the captured FOG.
  • Biofilms also populate the drain lines downstream from the F.I.T unit providing a safety net of protection for drains.
  • Less need to open the F.I.T unit, lowering the associated hygiene risk.
  • The dosing module is a simple design, few working parts – trouble free!
  • Bio-fluid doses automatically – so the operator doesn’t need to remember.
  • BioCeptor’s F.I.T unit is highly efficient at capturing FOG, with an average efficiency rating of 95.6%. Smaller than a standard grease trap due to flow control technology.
  • Ease of disconnection using the supplied Quick Disconnect kit.
  • Together with the lightweight nature of the F.I.T unit this means it can be completely removed from situ.
  • Air tight chamber with sealed lid. Reduced Odours / Infestation risk.
  • Optimised inner working design to maximise the retention of FOGs.
  • Supplied with four adjustable levelling feet, which can help compensate for uneven floors and can help to create a flow fall through the F.I.T unit if required.


Is BioCeptor right for my business?

BioCeptor is perfect for all catering outlets/FSEs where space is at a premium.

How does BioCeptor work?

BioCeptor’s F.I.T unit slows down the flow of wastewater discharged from a food service operation, intercepting FOG through the design of internal baffles.

GreasePak Multi-Strain Grease Degrader (MSGD) fluid is dosed into the F.I.T unit, transforming it in to an active biological treatment zone. MSGD fluid is a highly concentrated active bioenzymatic fluid specially formulated to degrade FOG. It is naturally occurring, nonpathogenic and contains in excess of 500 million bacteria per gram. It is the MOST POWERFUL on the market.

Does BioCeptor require any maintenance?

To maintain BioCeptor, simply skim the accumulated layer of fatty material off the top of the tank daily. This takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.