Reducing Single-use Plastic

  • Single-use plastic takes anywhere from 20 to 1,000 years to break down
  • Single use plastic is poisoning the oceans and devastating wildlife
  • Intense water usage: According to the water footprint network, it takes nearly 50L to make one 5L virgin plastic bottle
  • Climate Change: For every kg of virgin plastic made 6kgs of CO2e is released to the atmosphere

Why must we stop single use plastic?

Although we haven’t advanced enough to remove plastic entirely, we are able to dramatically reduce our plastic creation. The creation of virgin plastic is resource intensive and a major contributor to global warming, which eventually finds its way into the environment where it poisons our fish, wildlife and oceans. 

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100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR)

PCR offers a significant reduction in the creation of virgin plastic and the associated CO2e and other environmental costs. Plastic is recycled, collected locally and recycled into plastic that can be made into bottles – there are varying levels of recycled material from 30%-100%.

  • Reduced CO2e vs virgin plastic by >85%
  • Increased commercial value of waste bottles leads to an increase in recycling
  • PCR can be recycled up to 10 times
  • The growth of PCR provides a closed loop economy: 

Super concentrate technology

RTU and low dilution products result in more plastic being used – whether virgin plastic or PCR. Our biotechnology allows us to concentrate our products to a high level – as high as 1:200 and we provide a printed PCR bottle for ongoing use to dramatically reduce disposable, single use bottles.

  • A range of pouch dosing platforms are available 
  • Sachet options are available for RTU
  • 1 x 5L bottle can make up to 1250 x 750ml bottles

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What else can we do?

Bottles are only one part of the mix. Labels, caps, triggers, cardboard and plastic pallet wrap all need to be recycled and have an impact on plastic, CO2e and the Biodiversity.

  • Our labels and caps can all be recycled
  • Our cardboard is made from 100% recycled material, is fully recyclable, carbon neutral and FSC certified (Forests for All Forever) and we have the forests for all forever certification
  • Even our plastic shrink wrap is biobased, carbon neutral and 100% recyclable