BioHygiene Odour Stopper and Stain Spotter

BioHygiene Odour Stopper & Stain Spotter utilises specialist enzymes to break down organic odours at the source and remove stains.

Available pack sizes

  • RTU BH043 (6x750ml RTU)


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Why choose BioHygiene Odour Stopper and Stain Spotter?



  • Removes odours at source
  • Eliminates organic stains
  • Ideal for food based spills (tea, milk, wine, egg, sauces, red wine, fruit juices)
  • Ideal for human and pet accidents (vomit, faeces, sweat, urine and wet dog odours)
  • Safe to surfaces
  • Safe around pets and humans


  • Dual action; cleans and deodorises
  • Ideal for industrial, institutional, and commercial use
  • Versatile, buildable formula.


  • Continues to work over time
  • Available in 750ml
  • Does the job of multiple products
  • Protects the life of soft furnishing assets
How to Dilute BioHygiene Odour Stopper and Stain Spotter
  • For Odour: spray liberally around the affected areas. No need to rinse surfaces following application.
  • For Stain Spotting: Apply product to stain, allow contact time then blot area with a clean cloth, repeat as required.
Safety and Storage

Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Product is non-flammable so no requirement for secure, ventilated storage. Store at room temperature.