Introducing the Industry's FIRST Biotech Paper Sachet

Making it even easier for more businesses to reduce their Scope 3 emissions; We have launched Europe's FIRST water-soluble biotech-based paper sachet through our UK-leading biotech cleaning brand, BioHygiene.  

As the global environmental movement gains widespread support, businesses are increasingly required to address and mitigate their environmental impact. This heightened concern has prompted companies to delve deeper into their value chains, aligning themselves with partners who share their commitment to sustainability. Industries, particularly within Facility Management, are now under significant pressure to reassess practices that traditionally involve high waste and harsh chemicals – practices that which completely contrast with the environmental movement. 

Yet, as in most cases, many industry conglomerates can afford to be fast and agile, adopting new eco-innovations without too many factors to consider. But for many businesses, adopting sustainable products, and continuing to create clean spaces whilst managing limited space and budgets can be a struggle. 

To meet global sustainability goals, businesses of all sizes in the Facility Management sector require convenient access to sustainable cleaning technologies. These technologies should feature easy-to-use, high-tech formulations, crafted from sustainable materials that prioritise both the planet's health and that of the end user.  

And at Biological Preparations, we know that our latest innovation will help all sized FM businesses to be more agile to meet their sustainability demands. 

BioHygiene’s Biotech Paper Sachet Range 

Our UK leading cleaning brand, BioHygiene, has just launched the cleaning industries FIRST Biotech Paper Sachet Range! Combining our market leading biotech formulas and advanced water-soluble sachets - meaning more businesses can be both clean, lean and green. 

Hitting the FM market, our Biotech Paper Sachet Range consists of: Cleaner & Degreaser, All Surfaces & Floor Cleaner and Complete Washroom Cleaner – all multi-purposed, all powered by our next generation biotech and all 100% plastic free! 

Our versatile products will enable businesses to clean more spaces with fewer products. Due to the nature of our biotech in these sachets, they will create a biofilm on applied surfaces, enhancing our customers cleaning operations. Through our carefully selected bacteria with our synergised blend of ecotech, our sachet range will set a new standard for cleaning efficacy against dirt, grime, grease, and odours, establishing an eco-friendly benchmark across the cleaning industry. 

Big Benefits for Smaller Sites 

Although cleaning sachets have been on the market for many years, our latest product range stands out from current market offerings, due to its: 

Paper Sachets vs Plastic Sachets 

Recent media campaigns have shown the critical effects that plastic pollution, such as straws and bags, has had on our marine life. Although this is important to address, these campaigns fail to show the growing epidemic behind microplastics. Due to the breakdown of materials, many plastics become invisible to the naked eye – however the plastic is still there, just made into millions of pieces. These microplastics are then entering water cycles, our food sources and a 2022 study found that microplastics have found their way into the human body. This study showed that 80% of participants tested had microplastics within  

their blood system. And although these plastics are microscopic, they have been shown to have detrimental effects on human health. 

So, with conventional sachets on the market being made from plastic, they are adding to this growing problem. BioHygiene addresses this concern by introducing the industry's first Paper Biotech Sachet, eliminating single-use plastic and preventing the creation of harmful microplastics. 

Health of the Planet: Next Gen Biotechnology 

Although the cleaning market is bombarded with green statements if a cleaning product is formulated from ingredients sourced from petrochemicals, that product has a large environmental footprint. From its inception, petrochemical-based cleaning products are mined and then shipped to labs to extract the chemicals needed. This extraction of non-renewable materials not only has a large CO2e footprint, but destroys habitats, pollutes water, and harms the skin and respiratory system of its miners. Then after use, these petrochemicals enter our water systems and oceans, destroying biodiversity, creating aquatic dead zones, and toxicity. 

Formulated from synergistic Biotechnology and Ecotech, being renewable in nature, these sachets are environmentally friendly throughout our product's full life cycle. The ingredients within these products are all sustainable and naturally derived, meaning that there is no mining involved, and after their intended use, they don’t pollute our aquatic environments. 

The Health of our People: Next-Gen Biotechnology 

Studies have shown that traditional cleaning products can have the same effect on cleaners' respiratory systems as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Combine this with the other health implications of petrochemical cleaning products, like skin issues, long-term effects on immune systems, and links to cancers; employers need to make changes to safeguard their cleaner's long-term health.  

Our cleaning formulas have a tailored blend of biotech and ecotech ingredients, that work together to enhance cleaning performance through deeper cleaning, removal of odours and long-lasting cleaning protection. And due to this synergy of naturally derived ingredients, once diluted these sachets are completely non-hazardous. Meaning end-users can now achieve a better clean, whilst not risking their health. 

All the Power of Biotech: Liberating FM SME’s from RTU’s and Plastic Waste 

Big businesses can roll out new cleaning products quickly, due to better budgets, resources, and space – many smaller FM businesses are struggling to keep pace with new consumer demands. Our latest Sachet range from BioHygiene provides an easy swap for smaller sites, to gain the benefits associated with Biological Preparation Biotech formulas, whilst reducing space and plastic waste. Our multi-use sachets reduce the need for multiple cleaning products, saving limited storage space and streamlining cleaning operations.  

High-Tech but Easy to Use 

Utilising our decades of technical expertise, industry knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure that the right bacteria are being used for the right job. The synergized next-gen Biotech with Ecotech in these sachets enhances cleaning operations, offering deep cleaning action, residual cleaning performance, and complete odour removal. Despite the sophisticated science behind these products, we have designed them for user convenience. Simply fill a reusable bottle with cold water, drop in the sachet, and shake to activate the high-tech cleaning solution. These pre-dosed sachets enable accurate dosing, preventing unnecessary product waste. Users receive additional support through instruction sheets, access to our BioHygiene cleaning portal, and ongoing end-user training. 

“ Our sachet range will help substantially reduce product storage requirements - an A5-sized paper bag holds 20 sachets, the equivalent to 10 RTU product bottles. This has a huge knock-on effect in reducing the financial and environmental cost of transport. We are particularly excited about the positive impact this range will have on smaller sites and those sites with a high turnover of cleaning operatives.” 

Erum Ahmed, Director of Sales at BioHygiene.