Floor Polish Stripper

Restore your flooring with BioHygiene Floor Polish Stripper. The eco-friendly, alkaline formula quickly dissolves old coats and heavy build-up of polish, wax, cross polymer, acrylic and clear finishes, leaving behind a smooth, clean surface.

Available pack sizes

  • BH129:  1 x 5L
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Why choose Floor Polish Stripper?



  • Quickly strips floor polish, metallised emulsions & acrylic floor finishes from
    vinyl & linoleum floors
  • Powerful solvent-based, no rinse formula
  • Fast-acting formulation, penetrates through multiple coats of floor polish, providing a quick and easy way to cut through and remove old and heavy hard floor polish in record time
  • Excellent wetting and emulsification properties


  • Versatile formulation, can be used as a spray, mop or machine stripper
  • High dilutions give excellent economy in-use


  • Naturally derived, sustainable ingredients.
  • PCR packaging
  • Reduced carbon footprint
How to use BioHygiene Floor Polish Stripper

Test on a small non-critical area before applying. Do not use on unsealed wood, lino, or painted surfaces. Dilute 1:5 with cold water or use up to 1:3 on floors with heavy polish build up. Spread solution evenly over the floor with a suitable applicator. Leave for 5 minutes, break up softened polish by agitation, leave for 5 minutes - Do not allow to dry out. Remove slurry with applicator or wet pick up machine. Damp mop and leave floor to dry. For spray stripping dilute 1:20 and scrub with stripping grade pad. Dilute 1:10 in machine scrubbers. Protect the prepared floor with BioHygiene High Gloss Floor Polish.

How to Store BioHygiene Floor Polish Stripper

Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet (SDS).