Eco Laundry Softener

Formulated with environmentally friendly, naturally derived ingredients, BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener reduces creases and static and leaves fabrics luxuriously soft. Odour-neutralising technology eliminates odours for long-lasting fragrance.

Available pack sizes

  • BH249:  1 x 10L
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Why choose BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener?



  • Ecological, naturally derived concentrated formulation leaves laundry feeling soft, clean and luxurious
  • Odour-neutralising technology provides long lasting freshness by eliminating any residual odours
  • Fragrance encapsulation and fragrance extender technology slowly releases nature-inspired fragrance long after washing, tumble drying and storage


  • Less friction in the wash for improved asset life
  • Suitable for septic tanks
  • Built-in antistatic agent, makes ironing easier, reduces creases and extends fabric life


  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% PCR – no single-use plastic
How to use BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener

A concentrated fabric softener for use with BioHygiene dosing equipment. For best results, use as a concentration level of 5ml per kg of dry weight.

Compatible with Eco Laundry Destainer and Eco Laundry Detergent (Bio)

How to Store BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener

Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet (SDS). 

Product is non-flammable so no requirement for secure ventilated storage. Store at room temperature


What colour is BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener?


How long do BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener?

What size packaging is BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener?

  • 10L

Where can I purchase BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener?
Please get in touch for information on our UK and European distribution network.

Does BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener contain harmful chemicals?
No. BioHygiene is formulated from naturally derived biotechnology and eco-surfactants.