Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants can suffer from inefficiency or failure caused by overloading or toxic shock. Exceeding consent limits for BOD, COD, TSS and FOG can result in heavy fines and excessive sludge production is expensive to resolve. Unpleasant odours raise safety concerns for workers as well as causing public nuisance. Increasingly stringent regulations, rising costs and limited resources provide further incentives for operators to improve the efficiency of their plants with biological treatment.

BioResolve Organics consists of a consortia of bacteria suitable to target these issues. They are excellent floc formers and rapidly produce an active biomass. They are extremely metabolically diverse and can be used to accelerate startup, improve efficiency or aid shock recovery in the plant allowing BOD, COD, TSS and FOG levels to be dramatically reduced, achieving consent levels and providing cost savings on discharge costs.

WWTP’s can suffer from a range of issues which may require a tailored solution. They can suffer from overloading through inadequate design, insufficient capacity to cope with modern day demand or sudden influxes of wastewater. Biocides or other undesirable compounds can cause toxic shock or promote growth of filamentous organisms that interfere with the settlement of solids, cause excessive foaming and out compete the beneficial bacteria. 

Excessive sludge production can be a particular problem requiring expensive dredging and the generation of odours caused by hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and volatile fatty acids can represent and health and safety hazard as well as generating local complaints.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced BOD, COD, TSS, FOG
  • Remove Odours (including sulphides)
  • Reduce Sludge
  • Ability to tailor products to WWTP unique waste stream
  • Excellent Floc formers
  • Performs in a wide range of wastewater and conditions