BioResolve Hydrocarbons

Naturally Effective Wastewater Treatment

  • Reduce waste water costs
  • Achieve consent levels
  • Improve plant efficiency


Naturally effective waste water treatment 

Hydrocarbon-rich effluents generated from sectors such as petroleum, pharmaceutical and chemical industries are high in BOD/COD and can result in heavy fines if consent limits are not met. Traditional chemical treatment can have a detrimental environmental impact which has resulted in more treatment plants moving to biological degradation using microbial strains with the correct abilities to break the compounds down.
There are a number of microbial species which can degrade complex hydrocarbons, but as many of the most undesirable molecules are resistant to degradation, it is essential to select microbes with the correct metabolic abilities.

BioResolve Hydrocarbons has a range of organisms with mixed and broad enzyme activity which improves the range and speed of degradation as the stains work together to carry out all the steps necessary for the reaction.


Use of BioResolve Hydrocarbons in Wastewater Lagoons


Customer Benefits


Reduces BOD, COD, TSS and other toxic elements


Ensures consent levels can be met


Stops filament growth outbreaks


Removes both aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons


Reduces or removes the use of costly chemical treatments (e.g PAC)


Tolerant to a wide range of conditions including high salinity

Toxic Nature

As well as the toxic nature of hydrocarbons, they can cause filamentous outbreaks and become en trained in floc increasing operating costs and causing significant plant issues. Introduction of the right biological solution can dramatically reduce chemical costs (e.g. powdered activated carbon) and TSS.

The most efficient reactions for hydrocarbon degradation take place aerobically, with temperature and the chemistry of pollutants affecting growth rates. The correct nutrient balance must be provided to ensure the lack of nitrogen or phosphorous does not become a limiting factor for microbial growth.

  • BioResolve Hydrocarbons degrade a wide range of hydrocarbons including
  • Short and long-chain hydrocarbons
  • Cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Complex substituted hydrocarbons

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