BioResolve Surfactants

Naturally Effective Wastewater Treatment

  • Reduce waste water costs
  • Achieve consent levels
  • Improve plant efficiency

BioResolve Surfactants

Naturally effective waste water treatment 

Surfactants (“surface active agents”) find extensive use in household cleaners, personal care products, paints, pesticides, textiles, polymers, petroleum recovery and the pulp and paper industry. Hence it is not surprising that significant quantities of surfactant may end up in the wastewater treatment plant where they must be removed as part of the treatment process.

BioResolve pH

BioResolve pH is a range of straightforward chemical solutions for pH adjustment in wastewater treatment plants

  • Maintains optimum conditions for microbial growth or for specific chemical processes
  • Can be tailored to neutralise acidity or alkalinity
  • Suitable for manual or automatic dosing

BioResolve CNP

BioResolve CNP is a range of nutrients containing carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous to ensure maximum microbial activity in wastewater treatment plants.

  • Maintains the correct C: N: P ratio of between 100:5:1 and 100:10:1
  • Avoids poor microbial growth caused by nitrogen limitation or lack of other nutrients
  • Increases plant efficiency
  • Supplied as a complete nutrient source with balanced C, N and P along with micronutrients and trace elements, useful for plant start-up or other situations where nutrients are initially completely deficient
  • Alternatively, C, N and P may be supplied individually or in the correct combination to ensure the correct ratio when one or more are deficient

BioResolve Sulphide

Bio-Resolve Sulphide prevents the formation of hydrogen sulphide and associated problems in wastewater treatment plants where septicity has been caused by lack of oxygen

  • Provides an alternative source of molecular oxygen for oxygen-deficient environments thereby eliminating the microbial reduction of sulphates which would form hydrogen sulphide
  • Prevents metal corrosion issues associated with hydrogen sulphide
  • Prevents nuisance and Health & Safety issues associated with hydrogen sulphide
  • Simultaneously solves other odour problems

BioResolve De-Bulk

BioResolve De-Bulk is a 2-step product to solve problems associated with filamentous bulking in wastewater treatment plants

  • Prevents the formation of bulking sludge with poor settling characteristics
  • Eliminates excessive foaming
  • The first step disrupts long filaments and surface foams
  • The second step repopulates the system with metabolically versatile, floc-forming bacteria

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