4 February 2022

Hallmark Care Homes Partners with BioHygiene

Hallmark Care Homes has partnered with BioHygiene in a move towards sustainability.

The multi-award-winning care provider has introduced BioHygiene’s carbon-neutral, non-hazardous products within the Kitchen, Laundry and Housekeeping Departments of their 19 homes in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste across the board.

With BioHygiene chemicals being produced and stored in Wales, the change will see Hallmark significantly reduce their deliveries and transport costs, lowering their carbon emissions by up to 88%. The switch to concentrate with reusable, recyclable PCR bottles will also enable them to reduce their plastic waste up to 37%.

Formulated with naturally-derived ingredients including microbes, enzymes, plant extracts and organic acids, BioHygiene’s biotech-based products reduces the risk of irritation to the skin, eyes and lungs, contributing to the health and safety of Hallmark’s employees, residents and visitors.

All Hallmark employees were trained on the correct use and storage of BioHygiene products as part of the National roll-out plan to further ensure the safety of all users.

Regional Hospitality Support Manager, Rob Byrom said:

“We are delighted to have partnered with BioHygiene, it has changed the way we clean for the better and we are pleased to be providing our teams with safer, greener chemicals. It is just one of the many steps we are taking to become more environmentally sustainable as a business.”

Erum Ahmed, Sales Director at BioHygiene, commented:

“At BioHygiene, our aim is not just to remove harmful, chemical products from the world, but to help businesses move towards long-term sustainability. We’re thrilled to be supporting Hallmark in its mission to reduce its environmental impact. The feedback from each care home has been fantastic, and we’re extremely excited to continue our partnership into the future.”