19 February 2018

Biology and the Environment

The decline in the health of our natural environment is one of the critical issues faced by the world today. From industries such as transport and farming, to common day occurrences like flushing the toilet and leaving the lights on, most of the things we do cause harm to our environment.

Programmes and projects are being undertaken throughout the world, but progress is slow as the need to save the environment is balanced on an individual basis by individuals and companies needing to survive and create wealth.

The global cleaning market is no different, expecting to reach the dizzy heights of 75 billion dollars by the end of 2022. The cleaning market has been forced into significant change over the last 50 years where products that were accepted at the time were hit by regulation and the need for customer safety and reduced environmental impact.

It’s only a generation ago we were using formaldehyde and mineral acids to clean. Even now, the vast majority of cleaning products are sold with traditional, harmful chemicals like bleach, Quats, petrochemical based surfactants and similar a number of which have been in news scares around cancer, pollution and skin irritation.

This is the stark reality of many products available in the world we live in. We are not, for a second, suggesting this was ever intentional. It is simply a case of when these initial products were researched and designed, the scientific world was not so aware of the environmental impact they could have and newer technology was too expensive to develop and utilise. We know now the damage that many of these chemicals can cause and advances in technology driven by demand has allowed new options to arise. This is where BioHygiene is different – we specialise in biological solutions supported by eco friendly materials to provide customers viable cleaning products that offer improved safety, better effectiveness in key areas and cost in use to run alongside the reduced impact on the environment.

We have built a reputation for innovation, developing substitutes to raw materials that can be detrimental to the world we live in. We offer a true, cost effective alternative to traditional products using microbes, enzymes, plant extract and other type of biotech which have particular advantages when combating odours and organic stains.

Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products is one of the easiest ways to help our environment and with the advances in technology, performance and cost in use is no longer a barrier, it’s a move highly recommended; especially on a commercial scale where a substantial number of products are used each week.