13 September 2021

BioHygiene Launches Three New Ready-To-Use Products

We're pleased to announce the launch of three new products to our ready-to-use (RTU) range in our latest effort to make commercial cleaning more sustainable.

Our brand new Kitchen Cleaner and DegreaserAll Surfaces and Floor Cleaner, and Complete Washroom Cleaner takes our RTU collection to nine cleaning products that can benefit all sectors - including hospitality, facilities management, retail, transport and healthcare.

“The issue with many RTU products on the market is that they are notoriously damaging to the environment, due to poor ingredient selection. Highly diluted formulations mean that efficacy is generally low and more product is used, resulting in greater plastic waste, increased CO2 emissions, extra storage and added cost,” said Erum Ahmed, Sales Director at BioHygiene.

“Because of our innovative microbial and enzymatic solutions, our highly efficacious RTU products not only have the capability of achieving and maintaining a deep clean on all hard surfaces, they help reduce costs, waste, and storage requirements. Whilst improving operational efficiency per use, these RTU products also remove odours at source and are designed for ease of application and convenience for those wanting immediate and cost-effective access to high-power cleaning without the need to dilute.

“With environmental sustainability being a core principle, our RTU range is packaged using Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) and is 100% recyclable – helping to reduce plastic waste. Alongside this, our use of renewable biotechnology in conjunction with plant based, renewable low human and aquatic toxicity ingredients reduces CO2e. We have also been recognised as carbon-neutral by Carbon Footprint Ltd.”

Our RTU formulas have been boosted with specialist specialist eco and biotech ingredients to ensure an extended shelf-life whilst maintaining high levels of effective power. The complete range will be rolled out to key distributors in the UK over the coming weeks, with products available for purchase directly or through their online platforms.