BioHygiene Heads North to Exhibit at the Manchester Cleaning Show

Biological Preparations is excited to announce our first exhibition at the Manchester Cleaning Show! Visit Booth E17 to explore our market-leading Biotech cleaning solutions and revolutionary Biotech Paper Sachet Range, transforming cleaning standards for a cleaner, leaner, and greener tomorrow. 

Our mission has always been crystal clear: 'To replace non-renewable chemical technology with environmentally, socially, and commercially beneficial solutions.' With our UK-leading biotech cleaning brand, BioHygiene, we empower businesses to enhance overall operations without compromising environmental responsibility through our next-gen renewable cleaning technologies.  

And to liberate more businesses from harmful traditional cleaning products, our team is thrilled to head north and share our market-leading range with attendees at the Manchester Cleaning Show. 

Meet our team at Booth E17 throughout the two-day event (March 13-14) to explore our Biotech cleaning solutions range and witness firsthand how our next-generation cleaning products are revolutionising practices across the country. Attendees will also have an exclusive opportunity to experience our latest innovation, the industry's first Biotech Paper Sachet Range. See the power behind this cutting-edge technology and learn why businesses are embracing high-tech yet easy-to-use cleaning solutions. 

About BioHygiene Expert Panel Discussion

As our pioneering brand in the cleaning industry, BioHygiene has already transformed the operations of thousands of businesses across various industries, making them Cleaner, Leaner, and Greener. Our next- generation Biotech and Ecotech formulations empower modern businesses to streamline their cleaning processes while significantly reducing their environmental impact. By harnessing the power of Microbes, Enzymes, and naturally derived, sustainable ingredients, BioHygiene products effectively target dirt, grease, grime, and odours for a deep clean, eliminating odours at the source. 

Businesses partnering with BioHygiene not only benefit from efficiency and residual cleaning but also champion environmental responsibility. Our products reduce Scope 3 emissions, significantly decrease plastic waste with highly concentrated formulas, and avoid contributing to aquatic toxicity post-use.  

And BioHygiene is not only environmentally friendly but also protects, user health, as our products consist of naturally derived ingredients with low-hazard classifications, distinguishing them from petrochemical cleaning products. 

Expert Panel Discussion

Achieving our mission involves more than just our products and services; it requires sharing our expert knowledge and experience with businesses and the public. We are excited to announce that for this year's cleaning show, our CEO and co-founder, James Patterson, will join an expert panel discussion to provide insights into the future of sustainable cleaning. Patterson will share his decade's worth of industry knowledge and his ongoing passion for environmental practices across businesses, demonstrating that businesses no longer need to compromise between commercial success and environmental responsibilities. Join him on Wednesday, March 13th, from 15:00 to 15:30. 

Make sure to pop by Booth E17 to see how BioHygiene can elevate your cleaning standards while contributing to a cleaner, leaner, and greener future for your business.