Unpacking Scope 4: How Avoided Emissions Fit into Business's Carbon Metrics Webinar

  • Date: 2nd May 2024
  • Time: 2pm - 2:45pm
  • Webinar Structure: 30 minute Presentation and 15 minutes Q&A
  • Language: English

Scope 4, also known as, Avoided Emissions, has emerged as a new voluntary metric for businesses to quantify their avoided carbon emissions. Yet with this new metric gaining traction in discussions, debates, and rollouts, there is still a lot of unclarity surrounding Scope 4.

Join Dr Carolyn Jones, Director of Innovation and Chemistry, and James Patterson, CEO, as they unpack the concept of avoided emissions and share their insights and knowledge about how Scope 4 is the next evolution in the carbon accounting.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What Scope 4 is
  • How Scope 4 fits into business plans and objectives
  • Best practices for approaching Scope 4
  • And even the challenges currently associated with Scope 4 reporting

Plus, a chance to ask your questions to these experts and a Q&A session at the end.

Whether your business is still on its Scope 3 journey, or discussing if  Scope 4 is the natural next step in your environmental strategy, this webinar will be insightful for all businesses on their carbon reduction journey

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