Biological Preparations develop and supply products to clients who are looking for the biotechnology they can trust to enhance the value of their own brand within cleaning, odour, waste and wastewater treatment

We provide companies with the opportunity to use our biotechnological, eco-formulatory, and production  expertise to establish their own ranges offering cutting edge technology without the cost and risk of research and in-house production. Our technical team work alongside them to ensure the products we develop provide the best balance of cost and efficiency for their needs.

Highly skilled team of biochemists and microbiologists can match or develop products designed to meet customer’s core needs

35,000 sq foot UK based production facility focused on producing liquid and powder products from concept through to finished product

Cutting edge technologies that meet modern ecological, sustainable and efficacy standards

The team develop and produce products to customer specific budgets and timelines

Customer benefits

  • Match existing products or Brands
  • Develop new and unique products based on end user requirements
  • Build different tiers of products for different target markets
  • Build your own value
  • Flexible production
  • Be involved in the development process