Technical Development & Support

Biological Preparations has a fully equipped, modern laboratory that is able to provide a wide range of support services to our customers, ranging from formulation work – using our many years of experience in microbiology, biochemistry and chemistry – through to quality testing. We have extensive experience in the development and commercial use of microbes, enzymes, essential oils and plant extracts.

All of our microbes have faced rigorous screening in which we compared such indicators as enzyme production, growth rate, response to temperature and other environmental factors as well as compatibility with other core ingredients.

The result of which is that Biological Preparations has accumulated an extensive collection of specialised bacterial strains and enzymes and the knowledge of how to make these strains work in situ.

Our experienced scientific team of microbiologists and biochemists has developed a wide range of products utilising this knowledge and is constantly working on improvements and new product designs to meet specific customer requests.

We offer excellent technical field support, where our specialists combine their knowledge of engineering, market issues and our unique technology to create solutions for our customers.

Technical Development & Support