• Effective solutions for waste water treatment

Stricter regulations, lower consent levels and rising costs are forcing municipal, industrial and other waste water producers to look for the best solutions to improve treatment efficiency.

The water quality of industrial effluence is directly linked to the costs charged by Water Companies. Being able to reduce COD and Suspended Solids offers significant savings and is a primary reason for introducing biotechnology.

Maintaining pant efficiency and achieving consent levels is an ongoing challenge for producers where pollutants created by the production process can be directly or indirectly costly to remove. Biological Preparations offer a complete analysis of the waste using advanced laboratory techniques and evaluation of the operating conditions to recommend the best solution for that site.

Bioprep technical wastewater experts work with customers to assess the issues facing the plant to:

Reduce wastewater costs

  • Solution tailored to waste stream
  • Reduce MOGDEN charges: COD, TSS
  • Reduce or remove chemical treatments to cut operating costs
Achieve consent levels

  • Tightening legislation and enforcement of consent levels for plants across industries
  • Improving the speed and removal of the polluting compound
  • Making the biomass less susceptible to issues that have negative effects on the removal rate
Improving Plant Efficiency

  • Tailored solutions to speedup reseeding process
  • Provide nutrients to improve plant operation
  • Remove sludge and odours
  • Reduce the pressure on overloaded plants without further investment

Explore the BioResolve range of solutions...


Designed to remove

  • BOD
  • COD
  • Suspended solids
  • Sludge

Designed to remove

  • Petroleum
  • Chlorinated
  • Other aliphatic & aromatic
  • Volatile fatty acids

Designed to remove

  • Ionic
  • Anionic

Designed to remove

  • Ammonia
  • Nitrate

Designed to support

  • New plant / reseeding startup times
  • Nutrient-limited waste water
  • Control of bulking sludge

Expert Advice

Biological Preparations experts can devise a dosing programme that optimises conditions, improves effluent flow and increases hours of operation.